About Us

CompactCAD was formed in 2004 to provide PCB design to a growing market place of high speed PCB design requirements. We were able to focus on high speed, high density, hand routing. We support all our customers that require high speed and high density design in the shortest lead time with our hand routing capability.

To be able to give best quality and fastest PCB design in lowest price; we start our operation in China, to serve USA, Turkey and inland China market. Our design houses are located in Shanghai, Guangzhou and since the beginning of 2011 we launched our UK based design house in the hearth of Yorkshire to serve UK and Europe electronics market with our expertise and fastest/best quality/cheapest designs.
At present we can provide many services, such as:

  • Technical services: PCB designs from single-sided, double-sided to 28 layers.
  • SI analysis.
  • EMC designing,
  • Schematic diagram Design,
  • BOM making, PCB production, prototype manufacturing,

Our Engineers are industry experts and have a deep understanding of designs/layout creation and routing rules involving laser etched boards with blind and buried pathways. No matter what type of boards: computer motherboards, high speed VGA boards, gigabit network facilities boards with micro and same-length strips throughout, PHS motherboards, cell phone motherboards, all demanding high-frequency processing and strict control and electromagnetic compatibility. Even IPC motherboards with 28 layers laminated; with buried holes throughout we are up to the challenge. We can provide comprehensive services including schematic design, library creation, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly.
26 of our highly skilled designers have 7+ years experience in PCB design and we can effectively discuss and understand your design requirements .This sets us apart from other design houses. We offer practical advice and solutions while the entire design process, and reduce design time dramatically. Ultimately supply you cost-effective product design with Right-in-time to market.