ATE Board Design

Compact CAD designs and manufactures Probe Cards, Load Boards, DUT cards and Tester Boards for most major ATEs (Automatic Test Equipments). Compact CAD has highly experienced and specialized Load Board, designers familiar with design rules that govern ATE Board designs. In addition Compact CAD has developed a variety of tools that complement standard CAD tools to address the most specific of Load Board design rules. Specialties have provided ATE designs used for the purpose of testing semiconductors; Compact CAD has succeeded to design the ATE for Teradyne, Verigy, Advantest from prototype to volume production. Compact CAD has established the PCB / PCBA channel for the semiconductors, providing "one stop shopping" for your test interface needs.

Superior Technology Expertise

  • Probe Cards / Load Boards / DUT Boards / Tester Boards 
  • Package Test Load boards / DIB
  • Wafer Probe Load boards / PIB Flex Circuit
  • RF Bandwidth
  • Rigid multi-layer PCB up to 40 layers
  • Schematic Driven Designs
  • Stack-Up Calculations
  • Controlled Impedance Design
  • Mixed Signal Test
  • Differential Pair Routing
  • Equal Length Routing /- 0.010"
  • Blind and Buried Vias
  • Filled and back drilled Vias
  • High Frequency, Low Loss Circuits

ATE Platforms

  •  Advantest T5334 T5381 T3340 T5581 T5591
  • Agilent 83000 Series 93000 Series 9400 Series
  • Teradyne J750 J937 J953 J971 J973 J993 Catalyst Tiger (Sabertooth)

Cantilever Type Probe Card
Cantilever Type Probe Card 

Vertical Type Probe Card

Vertical Type Probe Card.jpg

VPC Products
Device type: HW, MLO, INT, PH
Minimum pitch: 190 um
Maximum pin count: 1920
Max. Frequency: 250 MHz@Hw, 1 GHz@MLO (Sine Wave)

VPC Products