PCB Design

Compact CAD expertise in PCB design and PCB layout service
We are professional PCB design Service Company, whose PCB designers have min. more than 7 years of printed circuit board design experience. Boasting expertise in the full spectrum of PCB design technologies, from single sided boards to micro-via layout techniques driven by uBGA packages, our design experience has proved to be a cost-effective and valuable resource to many global companies such as Intel, Huwaei, Vestel. We have the ability of importing netlist formats into our CAD tool:

Design quality is a critical issue for us and we offer first class design service to all our customers with “Right in-time “to market approach.

We have experience in all areas of PCB design with our highly skilled 26 PCB Designers

Compact CAD has invested in many suites of EDA tools to complete both schematic capture and PCB layout engineering. Every project uses these EDA tools but at Compact CAD the actual layout is completed with 100% manual routing. In addition to the 100% manual routing used by Compact CAD, we use an indigenously developed quality assurance system, which allows us to guarantee that the final layout will exactly reproduce the schematic. A customer may require many other features or performance criteria that require engineering efforts.

Supported by the major PCB design suites, we offer expertise and data compatibility with the following tools:

Layout Tool

  • Cadence Allegro
  • Mentor Expedition & Board station
  • PADS Power PCB

Gerber Tools

  • Auto CAD / CAM350/ Valor

Schematic Capture

  • OrCAD/ ConceptHDL/ Protel99SE/ Powerlogic

Benefits Using Compact CAD PCB Design Services

  • True 24/7 operation
  • 100% Manual Routing
  • Reduce design cycle time by up to 80%
  • Flexibility
  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Right in time to market
  • Reduce number of prototype
  • Fastest PCB Design
  • More quality and better price design

Compact CAD has the tools and knowledge to design your board no matter how large or small. Every PCB design that Compact CAD provides is a custom PCB, unique to our specific customers. The below capabilities are only a partial list .We use the industries top tier design tools and are driven to be the best.

The applications we have serviced cover a wide range of functionality including:

Design Capabilities

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • High Frequency Products (>10GHz) & RF at 2.5 GHz, 3.125GHz Differential Pairs
  • High Speed, Multilayer Digital PCB Designs- Bus Routing, differential pairs, matched lengts
  • Analogue and Mixed Signal Applications
  • Power Supplies (Switch Mode, DC-DC Converters)
  • PCB Designs for Semiconductor, R&D centers, Telecommunications, medical and commercial applications
  • Embedded Capacitance and Embedded Resistance
  • Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB
  • High Layer Count Design- Up to 40 layers
  • Backplane Design
  • ATE Probe Card Design
  • HDI Designs with Blind, Buried vias , Microvias and Via-in-Pad boards
  • Minimum BGA pin-pith: 0.5 mm
  • Minimum line width 3mil
  • Minimum via hole size 8mil ( 4mil Laser drill )
  • Stack-Up Calculations
  • DDR/ DDR II / DDR III 800M/QDR/SRAM memory interface
  • PCI, CPCI, PCI-X, PCI-Express, SATA, SATAII, XAUI, ATCA, AMC, HyperTransport

Using the Latest Design Standards

  • PFC
  • Safety
        BS EN ISO 9001
        EN / IEC 60950 - Safety Standards
        EN / IEC 60065 - Safety Standards
        EN55022:1998 & EN55024: 1998
        RoHS & WEEE Directives - Hazardous substances & Electrical waste
  • IPC creep age and clearance

DFX Consideration

  • DFM: Design For Manufacture
  • DFA: Design For Assembly
  • DFT Design For Test
  • DFR Design For Reliability
  • High level DRC
  • ADM ( Advice Design Rule Check )
  • JTAG , Boundary scan, ICT
  • DFC Design for Cost

Library Management

  • More than 100.000 part registrations
  • Using ROHS compliant components.

3D Modelling

  • Creating your project with 3D attributes.

Team Based PCB Design (Divided Design Service)

  • Team-based PCB Design
  • Partitioning technology
  • Effective use of layout resource
  • Concurrent & collaborative capability
  • Reducing design time scale by up to 80%

Standard Deliverables

  • Master Design File
  • PCB Gerber Data
  • Manufacturing Files
  • Assembly Drawings, DXF Data
  • Component X/Y Coordinates Data Report
  • BOM
  • Custom deliverables available upon request

Quote Package Requirements

  • Schematic or equivalent netlist
  • Bill of Materials- BOM
  • Mechanical Board Outline
  • Suggested Component Placement
  • Preliminary Layout Instructions ( SOW with Electrical Constraints )
  • Product Requirements (Certifications, Standards, etc.)
  • Design Guidelines
  • Component Footprint datasheet. Deliverable Items Required
  • Schedule Needs